About DVSN

Our Mission

Domestic Violence Services Network, Inc. (DVSN) works in collaboration with communities to end domestic violence. We strive to empower and educate all peoples in ways that respect their dignity and choices while promoting their safety.

DVSN is a small agency with a tremendous impact because of our extensive collaboration and close working relationships with:

  • 12 Local Police Departments
  • Hanscom Air Force Base Security Forces and its Family Advocacy Program
  • Concord District Court
  • Middlesex District Attorney’s Office
  • Emerson Hospital
  • Eliot Center
  • A wide array of municipal and human service agencies
  • 75 volunteer advocates from our local communities

Together we work to end the cycle of domestic violence by providing support, advocacy and resources to victims.

OUR PARTNERSHIPS ARE KEY TO OUR SUCCESS: Mutually respectful, close working relationships with 13 police departments (including Hanscom Security Forces), Concord District Court, the Middlesex DA’s Office, Emerson Hospital, and a myriad of human resource and social services agencies ARE AMONG OUR BEST ASSETS.